Yoga Philosophy for Yogis

A workshop with Ken Rose, PhD



Saturday July 25, 2015

13:00 — 16:00

€25  (€20 for Students)



How do you define yoga?

Is yoga only a challenging and beloved physical practice or is it also an intimate and treasured spiritual practice? Some yogis think that the more modern the yoga approach the better, while other yogis want to trace their yoga style back to ancient India. Without realizing it, many yogis identify yoga with the yoga that they know without giving much thought to the many other kinds of yoga and to how they fit together.

This workshop explores traditional Indian sources of yoga’s unified physical, mental, and spiritual philosophy of life. Together, we’ll study the common core of teachings, practices, and goals that ancient and modern yoga traditions share. This will give us a larger understanding of why yoga, whether practiced in the forests of ancient India or in a yoga studio in Trier, has always been a practical philosophy of life.

About the Workshop Facilitator

Ken RoseKen Rose, Ph.D., author of the soon-to-be-published Yoga, Meditation, and Mysticism, is a professor of philosophy and religious studies in the USA, where he teaches courses on comparative religion, happiness studies, meditation, and yoga. An avid yoga practitioner, Ken also teaches yoga philosophy courses in yoga-teacher trainings programs and at yoga festivals. He has travelled widely India and is well-acquainted with Asian yoga and meditation traditions.

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