Self love heals special Sunday yoga session

Self Love Healing Sunday Special Yoga Session

  Sink into a lovely healing trance using Ayurvedic self massage techniques, yoga and meditation. A full two hours to allow powerful loving-kindness energy to soak in. It’s a powerful transformative experience. This practice uses asanas (postures) but it’s less focus on them. It’s a really calming experience, really subtle, a bit different than our regular classes. Will use aromatherapy… Read more →

Singing Bowl Meditation with Marco 

This Wednesday 10.21 at 19:45  In the same way that when you sing Om you for a moment become this vibration, in an instance you are the whole universe, the singing bowl vibrations have a powerful effect on us, not just physically but deep in our consciousness. Come and experience it for yourself. More about our Meditation Circle »  Read more →

Asana Intensiv mit Ralph Lamers

  Sunday October 25 18:00–20:00 25€   2 Stunden Yoga Workshop Mittelstufe Intensives Arbeiten an den Asanas. Du erprobst fortgeschrittene Gleichgewichtsübungen, um selbst in schwierigen Situationen Gelassenheit und inneren Halt zu spüren.  Kraftvolle Atemtechniken Entspannung und kleine Meditation runden den Workshop ab. Early Bird Angebot  biz 10.17.2015 nur 20€ Bitte bei Anmeldung sofort die Kursgebühr überweisen um Deinen Platz zu reservieren, da… Read more →

Bountiful Autumn

 Autumn in Ayurveda is considered a high Air season which can be cool, light, dry, windy, and unpredictable. All good things, but may cause some imbalances, specially if you are a Vata type (if you are already constituted by Air energy). A way to find balance is using warmth, oils, deep nourishment, loving-kindness, and a sense of stability, routine, and… Read more →

Yoga Philosophy for Yogis

A workshop with Ken Rose, PhD   Saturday July 25, 2015 13:00 — 16:00 €25  (€20 for Students)     How do you define yoga? Is yoga only a challenging and beloved physical practice or is it also an intimate and treasured spiritual practice? Some yogis think that the more modern the yoga approach the better, while other yogis want… Read more →