Bountiful Autumn

 Bountiful AutumnAutumn in Ayurveda is considered a high Air season which can be cool, light, dry, windy, and unpredictable. All good things, but may cause some imbalances, specially if you are a Vata type (if you are already constituted by Air energy). A way to find balance is using warmth, oils, deep nourishment, loving-kindness, and a sense of stability, routine, and being grounded.

2015-09-29_17.08.46Find a happy balance and enjoy fully this season of harvest and abundance with a giving generous heart. Make it a Bountiful Autumn!

One Ayurvedic practice you may like is Oil Self Massage:

Try a routine of rubbing warmth oils into your skin every day. It’s warming, hydrating and calming. Self care rituals can be spiritual practices.

Bountiful Autumn Oil MixOil Mix: Bountiful Autumn

Essential oils

Cinnamon and Clove Essential oils that are bring the right warming sweet spicy blend to this season.

Base Oils

Sacha Ichi Oil: I got this oil in Perú, it’s traditionally used for healing many different ailments of skin, muscles and general wellbeing. It has a light consistency that’s easily absorbed by the skin. It has an earthly smell. More about Sacha Ichi here.

Sesame Oil: Ayurveda considers Sesame TriDoshic, meaning that it’s soothing for all three energy constitutions. That’s why it’s a really powerful base for our healing mix. It smells a bit woody and smokey.

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